References And Consulted Sources

For each of the clinical tools published on MDApp, in depth research takes place in order to ensure that the information provided comes from the original research, where possible, and that any relevant validation studies are also taken into account.

Under each clinical tool, there is a dedicated section of references, that links to the original study and other sources of information.

These are some of the medical journal search engines that are used during the research on, and transformation of clinical decision making algorithms in MDApp clinical tools:

1. PubMed - online archive of medical journal articles provided by the United States National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NLM).

2. ScienceDirect – online access to medicine journals owned by Elsevier.

3. ProQuest – online access to medical library and Health & Safety science abstracts.

4. Oxford Journals – collection of multidisciplinary journals published by Oxford University Press (OUP).

5. SpringerLink – online access to medical journal published by Springer.

6. Europe PMC – online repository with access to life sciences articles, clinical guidelines and books.