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Keeps track of the next 12 menstrual cycles, including period start and end, as well as fertile days.

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This period calculator determines the most important data of the menstrual cycle in a personalised manner, based on the first day of the last cycle, average cycle length and period duration in days.

The use of this calculator facilitates planning around the menstrual cycle period starts and fertile windows and can be used for estimations by women with fairly regular cycles.

The menstrual cycle occurs in fertile females every 28 days, in average. The length may vary between 26 and even 36 days. Each cycle consists of three different phases, controlled by the endocrine system: follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase. Depending on egg and sperm viability, the fertile window is estimated at between 5 day before ovulation and 2 days after.

The bleeding period of the menstrual cycle is usually called period and has a length varying from 2-9 days and different blood debits in each woman.


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Published On: April 13, 2020

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