Formula Feeding Calculator

Estimates recommended formula amount based on new-born or infant age and weight.

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About formula feeding

The formula feeding calculator determines recommended formula amount by taking into account the age and weight of the baby. It uses the guidance in the below table and considers the 67 calories per 100 mL of standard infant formula.

Please note that these recommendations could be affected if the infant has been diversified and also eats solids.

Age Formula
Preterm 180ml per kilogram per day.
5 days to 3 months 150ml per kilogram per day.
3 to 6 months 120ml per kilogram per day.
6 to 9 months 100ml per kilogram per day.
9 to 12 months 60-90ml per kilogram per day.

Source: National Health & Medical Research Infant Feeding Guidelines. 2013, page 79.

Whilst the 24h quantity of formula depends largely on the baby’s weight, there are also guidelines on the amount to be given with each feed, and these vary with baby’s age (according to digestive capacity):

Age Formula
up to 2 weeks around 70 ml
up to 1 month 75 - 105 ml
between 1 and 3 months 110 - 150 ml
between 3 and 4 months 150 - 220 ml
between 4 and 6 months 200 -210 ml
after 6 months 150-200 ml


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