Editorial Policy

All the content on the MDApp Site is based on information obtained from reliable sources and where possible, we endeavour to cite the original studies.

We aim to offer a quality service to our users, who need to be aware of our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer.

All the clinical tools are thoroughly audited before they are transformed in apps and published on MDApp.

We also endeavour to keep them up to date with the latest information in case procedures change or are updated. However, this is not always possible and as per our Disclaimer, we cannot be held responsible of this.

The information accompanying the clinical tools is aimed at facilitating their understanding and use. However, typos or errors may occur.

Therefore we invite our users to contact us in case they spot any kind of error, from typos, spelling, and grammar to serious inadvertences or apps that are not working.

Under each tool, there is a Feedback area where users can submit any comments they might have or alternatively, they can use the Contact form.

We endeavour to analyze and resolve any of the quality related issues that are signaled to us within 5 working days.