What Makes Us Special?

What Makes Us Special?

March 16, 2017 — Denise Nedea

1. You can become an MDApp member by creating an account for free where you can save your favourite tools, the medical scores and calculators that you use most often or the ones you want to save for later browse.

Members also have access to a list with all the latest medical apps published, all in one place.

2. We know that in practice, you often need to file patient data and the results from scores and tests, to justify your decisions.

MDApp is the only online website that allows you to print both what you’ve input in the medical tool and the results provided.

Just look for the print icon, placed next to the calculate buttons.

3. We are expanding at a rapid pace so with every day there are more and more medical apps that you can browse and use.

We are open to build any medical algorithm, score or calculator you may need, just contact us.

Denise Nedea

Denise created MDApp after recognising the need for medical professionals to have access to straightforward tools that support clinical decision making.