About Us

We are a digital healthcare solutions platform that advocates for the widespread adoption of clinical decision tools. We work closely with the research community to transform evidence-based medical algorithms, scoring systems, indices, differential diagnosis and others, in easy to use calculators. We promote and facilitate the health professionals’ access to these tools in their day to day practice and research.

  • Launched in March 2017.
  • Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Over 8 years experience in implementing medical calculators.
  • Offering over 630 clinical tools and expanding.
  • All in one place (accompanying information for clinical tools).
  • Strong ties with international research community.
  • Fully responsive website.
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“There are many medical algorithms that can help clinical decision making and provide real impact both for health professionals and patients, but most often, they remain presented in a pdf form that requires further employment of formulas or computations. This defies one of their main purposes, that of being fast and straightforward. MDApp turns these into easy to use calculators with result record keeping features, so the medical professional has them literally in their pocket two clicks away rather than in a bookmarked published study or in a folder of resources.”

Denise Nedea - Founder of MDApp

Why Choose MDApp

These are some of the reasons why MDApp should be a medical professional’s go to source for online clinical decision making tools.

Free membership

Becoming a member means you can save favourite tools for browsing later and find out about the latest calculators that are available.

Print input & result

Users can print (save to pdf) both the data they input in the tools but also the results for further reference.

Algorithms explained

Each tool is accompanied by a purpose, key facts, formulas and interpretation, by case, for a complete understanding of the medical application.

Medical specialties

MDApp calculators are categorized in over 40 medical specialties for easy browse.


Where available, tools reference the original study and subsequent validations.

Request a tool

We invite requests for new tools and we endeavour to implement these within reasonable limits.

MDApp on Google Play StoreYou can also find 40 of our medical calculators on Google Play Store - MDApp+.